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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Gothic Makeup

I just love a gothic makeup look! I so wish I was brave enough to just go out in public wearing it. I always think I look 'over-done' when I put a full face of makeup on where as in reality, I probably just look like every other girl who wears makeup. I dunno, maybe I should stop being so lazy every day & start wearing more makeup! :D Anyway, back to the post.. I used the colours from my £4 Revolution makeup palette to achieve this look along with a black sparkly one from MAC (I don't know the colour - sorry!). It was pretty simple to do really, it's all about layering up the colours I guess. It's so hard to explain on a blog post how I do my makeup, but I promise it's simple! You know me, I never even know what kind of brushes I use which just shows how 'professional' I am! Haha! Ah well, that's why I like doing my blog, to show you guys that there is still people out there than can do makeup & make a blog, even if you don't know how to do everything the 'right' way! ^_^ Maybe I'll make a video tutorial on my YouTube channel when I finally get back to it! Every time I get the motivation for it, something sets me back, but I'll get there! :D Would you guys like to see me back on YouTube? :)


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