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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Straight Hair & LVL

Evening guys! What a lovely evening, well, maybe for you guys I hope!? I've been bed bound again, damn you illness! However, I finally decided to get up, get a shower & wash my hair &.... Straighten it! Like, whatttt!? When do I ever wear my hair straight? Exactly, never. But sometimes change is always good right? :) Also, before my holiday at the beginning of September, I had LVL done to my eyelashes. Have you guys heard of it? I hadn't until my friend had it done & her lashes looked beautiful! LVL stands for 'length, volume & lift', so you don't have to wear those falsies anymore! (I've never been a fan of them anyway really..) & wow, how I loved the result! No need for my eyelash curlers anymore unless I want them super curly but I like the result of them just from LVL. In the pictures above I'm fresh out of the shower, no eyelash curlers, no mascara, no nothing & I'm pretty impressed with my lashes still after all these weeks! Be sure to check it out if applying & removing mascara ruins your life everyday like it does mine! (okay, slight exaggeration haha!) Also, let me apologise for my makeup less pictures showing my blotchy red/freckly face - ain't no body got time for thatttt! Haha! PS. If any of you are from the Manchester area & want to get your lashes done from the same lady as me, she is called Nat Rosenfield & works at Bella Beauty in the Fairways Lodge Leisure Club in Prestwich - she's fabulous!!! :D
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