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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Sleek Contour Kit

Afternoon dears! This is the first time I've been up properly since Friday morning! I went out Thursday night for the launch of a clothing website, had a brill night, only to wake up with what seemed like a tummy bug the next morning, yakky! So, I've been bed bound since; feeling sorry for myself! Oh & to make it worse, my cold came back as well, boo! So, today, I thought, y'know what, get your bottom out of bed, put a bit of makeup on & feel god damn better! So that's what I did. It's not done much, but at least I don't look as bad as I feel haha! I didn't go crazy with the makeup today, just a thin layer of foundation to cover the redness on my skin, touch of mascara & of course, the life saver - contour! I swear I couldn't live without that, it's definitely the product I'd choose if I could only use one thing for the rest of my life haha! I use it in the shade 'Medium'. This one is the one with the bronzer in as well & to be honest I prefer the original one with just the highlight & contour as the bronzer is way to orangey & shiny for my taste! What's your go to products? :)
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