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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Meal with Momma

Good evening! Me, my Mum, Linda & Amber, our lovely neighbour bezzies went for tea this evening! I was planning to take pictures of the whole night, of our food, of us ect.. But who went & forgot their memory card for their camera? You got it! ME! How silly!? So I'm afraid I've only got pictures of me & momma before we went out, she's beautiful though so I hope that makes up for it? :) We had such a good laugh, the journey home is always the best! As I was putting the ticket in the car park machine thingy, some man started speaking out of a speaker "Hello, hello.." Me & Amber were looking around thinking "Who the bloody hell is that!?" only for the man to shout "Yes I'm speaking to you!" I was like O_O "What have I done?" "You've pressed the help button, what do you want!?" I was like "Woah woah woah Mr! I haven't pressed anything! All I did was put my ticket in the machine!" Then he just must have sighed & put the phone down - what a grumpy misery! Pssh! Was a good laugh though, always is when Amber is about, twins! :D


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