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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Meal with Momma

Good evening! Me, my Mum, Linda & Amber, our lovely neighbour bezzies went for tea this evening! I was planning to take pictures of the whole night, of our food, of us ect.. But who went & forgot their memory card for their camera? You got it! ME! How silly!? So I'm afraid I've only got pictures of me & momma before we went out, she's beautiful though so I hope that makes up for it? :) We had such a good laugh, the journey home is always the best! As I was putting the ticket in the car park machine thingy, some man started speaking out of a speaker "Hello, hello.." Me & Amber were looking around thinking "Who the bloody hell is that!?" only for the man to shout "Yes I'm speaking to you!" I was like O_O "What have I done?" "You've pressed the help button, what do you want!?" I was like "Woah woah woah Mr! I haven't pressed anything! All I did was put my ticket in the machine!" Then he just must have sighed & put the phone down - what a grumpy misery! Pssh! Was a good laugh though, always is when Amber is about, twins! :D


Fall Lip Colours

Fall, fall, fall! My absolute fave season of the year for makeup looks & fashion! I've just been sat at my desk looking out the window at the trees & noticed the leaves on them are starting to turn orange, so beautiful! So, I decided to get in the Autumn mood & try some lip colours I'll probably wearing over the next month or so :) I'll list below all the colours/brands I am wearing on my lips:
1. Sleek lipstick - Smother 797
2. Boutique lipstick - Brown as a Berry
3. Rimmel lip liner - 061 Wine
I genuinely like all colours, however, wine always wins me over every year! The colour I mean, don't be getting any ideas ;) haha! I have also been a big lover of brown/nudes all this year as well to be honest, even though it is a beautiful colour for fall! I also prefer the matte look for fall (says me with 2/3 glossy looks on this post haha) I like the effect lip liners give better than lipsticks but for some reason I have lost the majority of my lip liners so I am in need of some new ones quick! What are your favourite lip colours this season?♡

New Nails

Afternoon! One feels much better today! Still got a few sniffles & sneezes but I'm sure I'll be fine! I decided to go & get my nails done today, fresh nails always help a girl feel better right? ;) I decided to go for something plain & simple with a touch of bling! I like having diamonds on the ring finger... Not real ones yet unfortunately! #foreveralone :'( haha! So dramatic Paige!! But yeah a few diamantes always jazz plain nails up I think! What do you guys think? I love them. I have them done by the best nail lady ever! She's called Kelly & works in a salon called Sundays in Prestwich, Manchester; if any of you are local & want to book in with her. I promise you, you won't be disappointed, she's flipping fantastic aren't ya Kel!? (if you're reading! haha) Absolutely bloody love 'em! :D♡


Monday, 29 September 2014

Simple Night Time Routine

Good evening readers! I thought I'd do a quick post on what I use on my face before bed. I've been asked a few times on what I use on my skin & it really is quite simple! All I use is 'deep cleansing face wipes' & sometimes, depending on how lazy I'm feeling ;) I'll decide to use my 'Solutions truly radiant night cream' from Avon afterwards also. That cream is really refreshing, it's one of my faves & I'm pretty sure it's under £5; & it lasts agesss! I do have the day cream to go with it but I find that it's quite thick & leaves my skin looking a bit greasy so I don't tend to use that anymore :( I normally just use another cleansing wipe in the morning as well. I like products that are simple & easy to use, so for me, cleansing wipes do the trick! & they're cheap too! Always a bonus ;) Oh also, excuse the same pose in the pictures, I tried to do the exact same face so it was like a magical before & after the mask but it was a big fail! Oh well, I tried haha! Anyway, I'm off to go make myself a lemsip drink before I get myself into bed, hopefully that will shift the remainder of this cold once & for all! I'm sick of moaning about it now so I'm sure you're all sick of hearing about it! Goodnight dears ♡


PJ Day

Afternoon fellow friends! Another day consisting of moaning about this cold, boohoo! :( Y'know what that means, pi's, hair scragged up & no makeup! Although, one good thing to come out of it, is that, my friend Ashleigh came over in her cute bunny onesie to join me, as well as bringing us a tub of Ben&Jerry's each to cheer me up! What an absolute babe! Love you Ash♡
What are you guys up to today? Anything fun? I have 0 energy to do anything but sit in bed with my ice-cream all day.. So that's about it from me for today!
Oh actually, whilst I'm here, what do you guys think of my new blog layout? Already changed it again since my return back to the blogging scene but I think I'm going to keep it like this... For now! ;D


Sunday, 28 September 2014

Straight Hair & LVL

Evening guys! What a lovely evening, well, maybe for you guys I hope!? I've been bed bound again, damn you illness! However, I finally decided to get up, get a shower & wash my hair &.... Straighten it! Like, whatttt!? When do I ever wear my hair straight? Exactly, never. But sometimes change is always good right? :) Also, before my holiday at the beginning of September, I had LVL done to my eyelashes. Have you guys heard of it? I hadn't until my friend had it done & her lashes looked beautiful! LVL stands for 'length, volume & lift', so you don't have to wear those falsies anymore! (I've never been a fan of them anyway really..) & wow, how I loved the result! No need for my eyelash curlers anymore unless I want them super curly but I like the result of them just from LVL. In the pictures above I'm fresh out of the shower, no eyelash curlers, no mascara, no nothing & I'm pretty impressed with my lashes still after all these weeks! Be sure to check it out if applying & removing mascara ruins your life everyday like it does mine! (okay, slight exaggeration haha!) Also, let me apologise for my makeup less pictures showing my blotchy red/freckly face - ain't no body got time for thatttt! Haha! PS. If any of you are from the Manchester area & want to get your lashes done from the same lady as me, she is called Nat Rosenfield & works at Bella Beauty in the Fairways Lodge Leisure Club in Prestwich - she's fabulous!!! :D
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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Sleek Contour Kit

Afternoon dears! This is the first time I've been up properly since Friday morning! I went out Thursday night for the launch of a clothing website, had a brill night, only to wake up with what seemed like a tummy bug the next morning, yakky! So, I've been bed bound since; feeling sorry for myself! Oh & to make it worse, my cold came back as well, boo! So, today, I thought, y'know what, get your bottom out of bed, put a bit of makeup on & feel god damn better! So that's what I did. It's not done much, but at least I don't look as bad as I feel haha! I didn't go crazy with the makeup today, just a thin layer of foundation to cover the redness on my skin, touch of mascara & of course, the life saver - contour! I swear I couldn't live without that, it's definitely the product I'd choose if I could only use one thing for the rest of my life haha! I use it in the shade 'Medium'. This one is the one with the bronzer in as well & to be honest I prefer the original one with just the highlight & contour as the bronzer is way to orangey & shiny for my taste! What's your go to products? :)
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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Everyday Makeup

Hiii guys! Well this has been a long while! Hope you're all well? I thought I'd come back with a simple post of my everyday makeup (well, when I decide to wear it!) It's pretty simple really, I used the products in the picture shown above (Mac Studio Fix NC35, Miss Sporty Ohh Tan So Fine Bronzer 001, Sleek Supertan Pressed Power 103 for contour, Benefit Hoola bronzer brush, Shu Uemura eyelash curlers, L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic mascara, Constance Touch Away concealer 14 honey beige) I don't apply it in any fancy way, just whack it on with a brush & hope for the best haha! Well, I do use a buffing brush for my foundation to make sure it's even but I'm no makeup artist! Anyhow, I promise to keep you all up to date on my blog & never leave you all again! :( Be sure to let me now what your everyday makeup must haves are, who doesn't like trying new products? ;)
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