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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

LDN Town

London, London, London… What a beautiful city. If I could never quite manage to vacate the whole country to settle down, then London would most likely be my second choice. Every time I visit here it already feels like home. Although I'm not a fan of how busy it is in the day (I'm not a day person) I love how busy it can still be in the evening. There's always people doing something; which I love! I was here to be a tourist this time (lol) so I didn't really get the chance to notice what the people who live there get up to. But last time I visited, there were groups of people dancing & singing & all sorts.. & not even for money which makes a change; but genuinely because it's what they love doing. It was a crazy hour of the night as well, way past midnight - my kinda time! So it was so much fun to be out & involved in that kinda thing. The buildings are all beautiful as well, I could walk around for hours just looking at them, definitely my kind of place! I've not uploaded al the pictures from my visit as there's literally 100's, but the one's shown above are some of my faves. London, thank you for having me, until next time! ^_^

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