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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas Fair JuicePlus+

Yesterday at my place of work (Total Fitness) we were holding a Christmas fair where people could hold stalls & what not.. So of course, I jumped to the opportunity & put up a stall for my other job (well, hobby really) JuicePlus+. For those of you who don't know, JuicePlus+ is an amazing health & well-being product with many proven benefits to it such as healthier hair skin & nails (perfect for us ladies!), improved immune system, an aid to weight loss ect.. It's an all rounder really! I've been meaning to do a post on it for awhile because I take it every single day. I usually have the Premium Capsules but I recently ran out & replaced them with the Premium Chewables < these are absolutely AMAZING if you have a sweet tooth like me as they're gummy & taste delicious! I also have the Complete Shakes before & after my gym workouts, these can be used to help with weight loss also, as well as being a great pre/post workout shake. A lot of athletes use this & a lot of males who usually take whey protein have replaced them with JuicePlus+, pretty amazing huh!? ;D I mean, who doesn't want an easier way to get all of your vital nutrients without buying loads & eating loads. These products have the nutrients of 26 different varieties of fruit & veg, so great for those who simply just don't have the time to prep all those different foods. The stall went fab & plenty of interest was in the air! It's a good job people are ordering now as last year we was totally sold out for almost 2 months from the beginning of Jan - healthy bodies in the making, yeahhhhh! ^_^

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