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Friday, 20 December 2013

L'Oreal Causse Lipstick

I was so in need of a new lipstick so I decided to pick up this one; considering there was a 3 for 2 on all products in Superdrug today^_^ I also got my Mum 2 of the pink shades for Christmas, I would show you but just incase she reads this (which she does now & then^_^) I don't want to give it away totally! I  always treat her to new make-up products for Christmas so that won't be too much of shock to her but I'd like to keep the shades a secret! Maybe she will let me do her make-up at Christmas with her new lippys & other products & let me show you!^_^ Anyway.. Back to the subject! This lipstick is shade 501 Nude Ingenue & it is super pretty! If I ever wear lipsticks it's always really a nude colour & 99% of the time a Matte texture too but this was just too pretty to resist! It comes off a nice nude/gold shimmer colour & it's very hydrating, feels so lovely to put on. It was priced at £6.99 which isn't too bad really, L'Oreal are always trustworthy, great products so it's definitely worth the money!^_^


Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Body Shop Haul

Body Shop is like my all time fave place for bath/skin stuff ect.. Everyone that knows me know that I ONLY like things that smell either sweet or fruity.. So you can probably tell why I bought what I bought. Everything here smells diviiiiine! Except from the Olive one, but no doubt that will be amazing for the skin so I got it anyway. I also took advantage of a 50% off voucher I had so all of these goodies only came up to a total of £16.50!!! Yep, that's right! Usually, the body butters alone are £13, so I got a real bargain here & I cannot wait to treat myself to a candle lit bath & these delicious essences^_^ if you have the VoucherCodes app, definitely take advantage of this offer! I think it is on until the end of this week so hurry, hurry, hurry!^_^

LDN Town

London, London, London… What a beautiful city. If I could never quite manage to vacate the whole country to settle down, then London would most likely be my second choice. Every time I visit here it already feels like home. Although I'm not a fan of how busy it is in the day (I'm not a day person) I love how busy it can still be in the evening. There's always people doing something; which I love! I was here to be a tourist this time (lol) so I didn't really get the chance to notice what the people who live there get up to. But last time I visited, there were groups of people dancing & singing & all sorts.. & not even for money which makes a change; but genuinely because it's what they love doing. It was a crazy hour of the night as well, way past midnight - my kinda time! So it was so much fun to be out & involved in that kinda thing. The buildings are all beautiful as well, I could walk around for hours just looking at them, definitely my kind of place! I've not uploaded al the pictures from my visit as there's literally 100's, but the one's shown above are some of my faves. London, thank you for having me, until next time! ^_^

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas Fair JuicePlus+

Yesterday at my place of work (Total Fitness) we were holding a Christmas fair where people could hold stalls & what not.. So of course, I jumped to the opportunity & put up a stall for my other job (well, hobby really) JuicePlus+. For those of you who don't know, JuicePlus+ is an amazing health & well-being product with many proven benefits to it such as healthier hair skin & nails (perfect for us ladies!), improved immune system, an aid to weight loss ect.. It's an all rounder really! I've been meaning to do a post on it for awhile because I take it every single day. I usually have the Premium Capsules but I recently ran out & replaced them with the Premium Chewables < these are absolutely AMAZING if you have a sweet tooth like me as they're gummy & taste delicious! I also have the Complete Shakes before & after my gym workouts, these can be used to help with weight loss also, as well as being a great pre/post workout shake. A lot of athletes use this & a lot of males who usually take whey protein have replaced them with JuicePlus+, pretty amazing huh!? ;D I mean, who doesn't want an easier way to get all of your vital nutrients without buying loads & eating loads. These products have the nutrients of 26 different varieties of fruit & veg, so great for those who simply just don't have the time to prep all those different foods. The stall went fab & plenty of interest was in the air! It's a good job people are ordering now as last year we was totally sold out for almost 2 months from the beginning of Jan - healthy bodies in the making, yeahhhhh! ^_^
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