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Friday, 29 November 2013

Morning Fashion Read

It's been so long since I actually sat down at my table with a nice cold glass of water in the morning, reading my H&M mag. This one came in the post recently so I'm finally going to read it. I'm loving the page shown on the picture, it's definitely made me want to go crazy with the Christmas patterns this year! I'm even thinking of buying Christmas decorations for my room with yummy scented candles to really set the mood - eek! I'm such a child when it comes to this time of year, festive spirit! I remember when I was little & me, my Mum & Dad would go into the local park, chop down some little branches, spray paint them silver; topped with snow spray & cover our living room ceiling with them & hang false apples & robin birds from them. Ahhh, it was like my own little lapland in my house! Well, not quite, but it was a great effort! What I'd do to be young again^_^


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