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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Christmas Shopping!

Eeeek! Don't you just love looking at Christmas things!? I know it's a little early only being November & what not but I must admit, I do love getting into the Christmas spirit!^_^ I had a stroll around the Trafford Centre this evening for little bits & bobs. John Lewis is always a great place to find cute little gifts! Something I realised whilst strolling around is.. I never really appreciate how beautiful this shopping centre actually is. People from all over the country travel to see it & I just walk in & out like it's nothing! Maybe next time, I'll take proper pictures off the whole place! (Well, maybe not the whole place but as much as I can) & show it to you all, you'll be amazed if you've never been before!^_^ I'm off to the Christmas markets this weekend as well, they're my favourite thing at this time of year. Hot chocolates & warm waffles with strawberries - yum yum! We all have a little indulge at Christmas, we're allowed to!^_~


  1. Awww this post made me feel so chrismassy! I need to my xmas shop i am so behind i am normally done by beginning of Nov! x


    1. Yayy, nothing better than spreading the Christmassy spirit!! ^_^ I'm still super behind, I just get caught up with looking at how pretty everything is, instead of actually buying things - oops! o_O haha! x


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