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Monday, 7 October 2013

Today's Breakfast

Okay, I know you're thinking "C'mon Paige, do we really care about what you ate for breakfast?" The answer is most likely no. But the reason for me sharing this with you is to hopefully encourage you to be healthy with me!^_^ Another reason is, I want you to know that healthy isn't always 'boring' like it's made out to be, it's actually pretty yummy! What I ate this morning after my '7 Min Workout' you might have seen on my previous post, was a Tesco's finest greek yoghurt (Make sure that it's actually greek yoghurt & not greek style. Greek style is full of sugar & isn't exactly all that good for you!) topped with cut up grapes, a teaspoon of oats & a squirt of honey with lemon! I also had a Twining's apple & pear green tea - delicious! If you don't drink green tea & want to start, I recommend a flavoured one as green tea alone isn't all that tasty when you're not used to it. Together, this makes a yummy, healthy & filling breakfast! I shall be posting more about what I eat throughout my blog, keep a lookout!^_^

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