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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sparkle Shoes

Let me just start by saying.. When I saw these shoes, I instantly thought - YAK! Words that came to mind were - tacky, cheap, cringe... The list goes on! & then I saw them in my size around the corner & I double looked & thought "Ooo those are nice!" only to realise they were the same shoes I was just dissing a minute ago:/ I don't know if it's just me but do heels seem to look way cuter/nicer in smaller sizes? No offence to those with bigger feet! But I think they do.. Anyway! Moving on.. I decided to purchase & have them as a statement piece for maybe say, my works christmas party or my 21st birthday that's coming up soon? (Eeek, still don't know what to do for it, help!?) with a sleek, long black fitted dress or maybe even a wine coloured one? Who knows.. But yeah, what do you think? Oh & for anyone who wants them, they were cheap (like I thought haha!) from Primark at a smashing £12! Yep, can't go wrong with that!^_^

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