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Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Guess who's back, back, back, back again, 'gen, 'gen.... Okayyyy then, moving on... I'm BACK, hurrayyyy! :D
I couldn't have picked a better day to be back on - 1st October, my favourite month 
It's been awhile, this is a totally new blog but it feels good to start a fresh. I like new things, I like change, a challenge & all that jazz. So I thought why not? I mean, it was pretty hard giving up my old blog, I loved writing on it nearly every day but I think it kind of lost it's way y'know? (no rhyme intended!) Which is why I decided to start all over again :)
My blog this time is going to be more structured I hope. I want to involve all of my interests; fashion, make-up looks, fitness routine, recipes, reviews ect.. Give you a little insight into my life. That's if you're interested of course? :) Pssh, who am I kiddin', of course you are! You wouldn't be reading this if not ;) But yeah, I just wanted you all to know that, I'm back for good & new posts will be up weekly, if not daily sometimes, so keep a look out!
So happy to be back :) 

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