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Tuesday, 1 October 2013


What a busy, productive day I've had. Starting off at the gym early in this AM before I did anything. I've found that going to the gym early sets me up for the day, gets me in motivation mood & makes me feel good about myself, so that's what I've been doing. I'll do another post directly at my gym/workout routine shortly. After the gym I decided to relax for a few hours, as well as prepare meals for the day & also reply to emails. I love interacting with people! Whether it be people who are interested in joining my business, people asking questions or just general chit chat, love it! I'm a chatterbox incase none of you knew! ;)

Of course, being a busy body, there's only so long I can sit about for before I want to get out & do something - which in this case I headed into town. I didn't buy much, except a much needed new eyebrow pencil, lipstick & mascara. I say much needed but it's more like much wanted ha! My best friend lives minutes away from town so that was my next destination! My old routine before heading there was to buy a huge bag of sweets, cupcakes & goodies but considering I'm on a healthy lifestyle change, I decided to turn up with fruit instead - yummy!^_~ After we had our usual catch up/laughing fits at how hilarious we are we decided it was time to..... PLAN MY NEW BLOG. Which, you're now reading.. Obviously! A few set backs as my new header was playing up & what not but that will be back on track soon, until then, a standard font of my name will have to do!:)


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