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Friday, 4 October 2013

Kate Moss Lipstick

Lipsticks, lipsticks, lipsticks! My fave things Okay that might be a lie, but, they're one of my fave things!^_^ I've seen/heard lots about Kate Moss' lipsticks but just never got around to trying one & then waheyyy, I purchased! This is the lipstick I mentioned in my last post when I said I 'needed' to buy it, haha! I think the colour is just so beautiful, I'm a big lover of warm nude 'kinda colours - so pretty! The texture is also lovely! It's soft & very pigmented but not smudgy which I like. Well, I mean, it could smudge if you smudge it but in general, it seems to go on very well - I shall be purchasing more in the future! So yeahhhh, I definitely recommend you try her collection, if you do, let me know what you think. :)


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