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Monday, 14 October 2013

iPhone 5s

AT LAST!!!!!! Oh my lord I have been waiting for this phone since the day it came out - literally! Unfortunately, my last iPhone 5 got stolen from me before I got my insurance; oopsy! So, the second I heard a new iPhone was being released, ESPECIALLY in frickin' GOLD, I needed it! I've been wondering/waiting if Apple were ever going to release a gold iPhone as I knew I'd want it ASAP & well, here it is!:D I ordered it on the 20th September & it wasn't expected to be here until the 4th November!:O & then it was shortened to the 21st October (my birthday - woohoo!) & then before I knew it, I checked the tracking this morning & to my surprise it was on the van!! Early birthday present to myself, yayyyy!^_^ I've not had chance to play around with it yet as I'm waiting on my replacement sim to arrive as the iPhone 5s takes nano sim(?) & I have a micro sim I think?.. God knows, but all I know is that is doesn't fit & I can't wait for my new one to arrive! Isn't it the most beautiful looking phone in the world? I love it! I'm not usually one to care about what my phone looks like or to have the best one out there ect.. But I'm a sucker for anything gold so I'll be happy to prance around with it!^_^

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