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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Elf Cosmetics Haul

FINALLY, more products/items that are back in stock! Before this little haul, I ordered some things last month, I've already used them & what not now so I didn't include them in this post, but I'll tell you what I ordered anyway last time. I ordered the 'powder brush' (the flat top one, which is amazing by the way!), the 'small stipple brush' & the 'eye blending brush'. All 3 of them brushes are high quality & are all super cheap! The most expensive brush is like £3.75 - BARGAIN! I won't name what I ordered in this haul as you can see above in the images what each product is. Again, all high quality & super cheap! Everything above cost me just over £10, can't complain with that!!^_^ I also don't exactly know why I ordered false eyelashes when I don't really enjoy wearing them o_O I think I just ordered them because they looked pretty & they were ALWAYS out of stock. Maybe I'll use them as a one off for my birthday?^_^ I definitely do recommend Elf though as they're constantly bringing out new products that are all very affordable & are of a great quality! Check our their website! - eyeslipsface.co.uk

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