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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Lunch Date

Ahh, just what I needed, a day out with a fab friend! I've had a loooong week of partying for my birthday.. Hey, you're only 21 once, gotta make the most of it! ^_~ Although I've got another weekend of partying this week as it's Halloween soon & my friend is having a party & then it's my friends birthday night out the next day - how the hell am I keeping up! Probably my JuicePlus+ Capsules most likely haha! Are you doing anything fun for Halloween? If so, let me know what you're all dressing up as! ^_^

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Hilton Hotel

What an amazing surprise from Matthew the next day after my actual birthday! As if treating me to my private reg for when I get my car wasn't enough! King Executive Plus room at The Hilton Hotel & also a meal out to Rio Ferdinand's restaruant Rosso. Beautiful evening in a beautiful place with beautiful food & a beautiful person - what more could a girl ask for!?^_^ I was truly spoilt by my loved ones this birthday & I want to thank each & every one of you for making my 21st birthday a special one. Love you all, always!

Monday, 21 October 2013

BIRTHDAY! - Shisha

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!:D Woohoo, first stop - shisha! Everyone in these pictures (except Matthew) has known my since I can remember, which I think is like, 3 years old. These people are the closest people to me & are truly amazing friends (family even!) Shisha was a right laugh, watching my Mum & her friend Linda try & do shisha was the highlight of my night! & to say they're both smokers, they were terrible!!! HAHA. Had an amazing night - next stop, HOUSE PARTY!:D

Sunday, 20 October 2013

PJ Party

 For some reason, I ended up not taking pictures of anything else but what was on my table of goodies! Except this picture above of me & my wonderful friend Rourke, oh, & Samson in my pink hoody! He liked wearing it, don't worry;D It was such a wonderful night, my friends spoilt me with lots of fabulous gifts & of course we chatted & danced the night away! If any of you are reading this, I just want to thank you all for coming & being there for the moment I turned 21! I love you all - MWAH

Saturday, 19 October 2013

White/Strawberry Chocolate Tray-bake!

Last night was the start of my birthday weekend antics! I went into town last night & as I am not a big drinker anyway, along with being a health freak the last month, the little amount of alcohol I consumed had be feeling a little 'mehhhh' this morning... With that, I decided I would make this beautiful creation for my PJ party tonight with the work girls! The theme is pink & white, hense the matching delicious chocolate dish to match! It's actually super duper easy to make. All you will need is white chocolate, colouring/flavouring & your favourite cute toppings! Inside this tray-bake is crunched up malteasers & blobs of strawberry flavoured chocolate (used with the flavouring in the picture) I'm sure you will see more pictures of it in tomorrows post with pictures on from this evening!^_^ So yeah, to make this beauty.. Melt your chocolate, pour it into your desired pot, add your malteasers, melt more chocolate, add food colouring, pour that into your pot & continue until it fills up your pot to where you would like & top it with every pretty decorations you can find!^_^

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Wavy Hair

I always, always get asked how I get my hair curly/wavy, so I thought, why not just tell you all in a little blog post!^_^ Basically, the way I got my hair how it is in the picture above is by curling my hair with the Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler. The curls you get are tiny tight ones which I love! I usually brush it out straight after so it is literally a big ball of fuzzy curls - love it! I will post a picture the next time I do my hair that way as I didn't think to do this post until my hair has gone wavy like now, sorry!:( The way I got it is wavy is to just let the curls fall out naturally. Usually the next day it becomes more wavy than curly, y'know that natural beach hair kinda love, so pretty! I'm probably going to do an updated curly hair tutorial video on my YouTube. Well, as soon as I've got it back up & running again anyway.. So keep a look out my beauties!;D

Monday, 14 October 2013

iPhone 5s

AT LAST!!!!!! Oh my lord I have been waiting for this phone since the day it came out - literally! Unfortunately, my last iPhone 5 got stolen from me before I got my insurance; oopsy! So, the second I heard a new iPhone was being released, ESPECIALLY in frickin' GOLD, I needed it! I've been wondering/waiting if Apple were ever going to release a gold iPhone as I knew I'd want it ASAP & well, here it is!:D I ordered it on the 20th September & it wasn't expected to be here until the 4th November!:O & then it was shortened to the 21st October (my birthday - woohoo!) & then before I knew it, I checked the tracking this morning & to my surprise it was on the van!! Early birthday present to myself, yayyyy!^_^ I've not had chance to play around with it yet as I'm waiting on my replacement sim to arrive as the iPhone 5s takes nano sim(?) & I have a micro sim I think?.. God knows, but all I know is that is doesn't fit & I can't wait for my new one to arrive! Isn't it the most beautiful looking phone in the world? I love it! I'm not usually one to care about what my phone looks like or to have the best one out there ect.. But I'm a sucker for anything gold so I'll be happy to prance around with it!^_^

Friday, 11 October 2013

Soft Lips!

As we all know, it's coming up to winter time here in the UK (as you can tell from my house fleece jumper type thing I'm wearing haha!) & most of us will start to suffer from dry, horrible chapped lips; like me this morning :( So.. Instead of letting it get the better of me, I decided to make a little home made lip scrub - don't worry, it's edible so no worries about it tasting horrible! :)
It's super duper easy to do! All you will need is: Sugar, honey, a little pot & something to mix it together with. Once it looks like a paste, it's ready to use! Literally spread it across your lips, rub it in & then wipe it off with a towel. Yep, it kinda hurts a little bit scraping it off but it's all worth it! This little remedy is like exfoliation for your lips so they should be lovely & smooth afterwards^_^ My results are shown above - pretty good huh!?:D

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Elf Cosmetics Haul

FINALLY, more products/items that are back in stock! Before this little haul, I ordered some things last month, I've already used them & what not now so I didn't include them in this post, but I'll tell you what I ordered anyway last time. I ordered the 'powder brush' (the flat top one, which is amazing by the way!), the 'small stipple brush' & the 'eye blending brush'. All 3 of them brushes are high quality & are all super cheap! The most expensive brush is like £3.75 - BARGAIN! I won't name what I ordered in this haul as you can see above in the images what each product is. Again, all high quality & super cheap! Everything above cost me just over £10, can't complain with that!!^_^ I also don't exactly know why I ordered false eyelashes when I don't really enjoy wearing them o_O I think I just ordered them because they looked pretty & they were ALWAYS out of stock. Maybe I'll use them as a one off for my birthday?^_^ I definitely do recommend Elf though as they're constantly bringing out new products that are all very affordable & are of a great quality! Check our their website! - eyeslipsface.co.uk

Monday, 7 October 2013

Today's Breakfast

Okay, I know you're thinking "C'mon Paige, do we really care about what you ate for breakfast?" The answer is most likely no. But the reason for me sharing this with you is to hopefully encourage you to be healthy with me!^_^ Another reason is, I want you to know that healthy isn't always 'boring' like it's made out to be, it's actually pretty yummy! What I ate this morning after my '7 Min Workout' you might have seen on my previous post, was a Tesco's finest greek yoghurt (Make sure that it's actually greek yoghurt & not greek style. Greek style is full of sugar & isn't exactly all that good for you!) topped with cut up grapes, a teaspoon of oats & a squirt of honey with lemon! I also had a Twining's apple & pear green tea - delicious! If you don't drink green tea & want to start, I recommend a flavoured one as green tea alone isn't all that tasty when you're not used to it. Together, this makes a yummy, healthy & filling breakfast! I shall be posting more about what I eat throughout my blog, keep a lookout!^_^

7 Min Workout

Morning workout complete, yeahhh! *tenses muscles*. This app is actually pretty good if you can't get to the gym! Luckily for me I can get to the gym but because I work there & I'm working today, I didn't fancy the journey there & back, to go there again later. So with that, I decided to download this nifty little app & get to work! You can set it to do more than 1 set of the 7minute workout if you're feeling brave but I decided to just try the 7minute one out this morning. No doubt I'll still head to the gym this evening when I finish work.. As I must admit, I've become quite the iron lady recently!^_^

Sunday, 6 October 2013


Travelling.. Isn't it the most wonderful thing to experience? Different cultures, buildings, atmosphere ect.. I don't think there's anything in the world that makes me happier than seeing new places. Even if it's places in the UK where I am from, still so beautiful. This year I have been to a number of places.. London, Salisbury, Murcia, Barcelona, Wales, Reading, Turkey - LOVE IT! The pictures above are just a few from some of the places I have visited. I hope that next year, I get to see a lot more! Something I will be adding to my 2014 vision board, yuppp!^_^
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