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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

LA Weave Extensions & Blow Dry | Hair Couture

Hair Extensions by Lauren - Here | Blow Dry by Leiani @ Hair Couture - Here

It has been SO long since I last had my extensions in! I've been loving the natural hair feel for the past year or so but as my 25th Birthday is slowly creeping up on me (Did I just say 25!?... *cries*) I thought I would have them back in for a little while so I can whip my hair around up in the club! Haha just kiddin (I'm not kidding') But honestly, I already feel fabulous! Nothing is more satisfying than super soft & silky long hair thanks to Lauren (Extension specialist) & Leiani (Junior Stylist) from Hair Couture in Manchester.

I've had extensions done by Lauren many of times & she is hands down the best! I'm not just saying that because she's my sister in-law either! She literally is the best. This is the first time I have had the LA Weave style though & so far I'm loving it! It was a lot quicker of a process than the usual Micro Ring method I used to give her the torture of doing for me - sorry Loz! Haha. But yes, so far I love it. It allows you to add SO much hair in than usual. I have around 220g in at the moment of BeautyWorx hair in shade Raven (or shade #2 in most hair extension providers) which can be found on their website - here. I provided the hair due to me already having it but usually Lauren would provide this for you & the brand she uses is Angel Remy Hair, find their Instagram - here. The quality of both brands is extremely good. The hair is the same thickness from root to tip & that is exactly what you want for that thick, luscious lock look! (God, try saying that after a drink or two! Haha) But yes, ain't NO body got time for wispy ends.

My blow dry from Leiani was SO nice too. I really struggle to get that super smooth luck myself without using the straighteners, especially with extensions in as well. So I decided to have a wash & blow after my extensions were fitted & her blow dry skills are on point! I witnessed her curly blows today too & I am TOO excited to try that out next time I visit. It was literally stunning. Her work is on the Hair Couture Instagram listed under the photo at the top so if you want to see more then check it out! :)

The guys at Hair Couture are all amazing at what they do as well as making you feel comfortable. Not only that but they offer a range of drinks from tea & juice to my all time fave - prosecco! Y'know, just in case you & the girls are off out! ;) No but really, I've had a great day at the salon today & couldn't be happier with the service & outcome of my hair. It looks & feels DI-VINE! Thanks girls!♡

Hair Extensions - LA Weave prices start from £240 which includes top quality hair, the fitting & the styling afterwards. The price of a move up when required is £45.
Wash & Blow - Prices start at £16-20 depending on whether it is a straight or curly blow & whether or not you're wearing extensions too. Any enquiries you have on services or prices, feel free to contact the salon with the number provided on their Instagram :)


Monday, 9 October 2017

Prima Lashes | @primalash_lashes

Lashes behind - Mojito - Here | Lashes in front - Martini - Here

Finding this lash company was an absolute dream! I've recently become a fan of lashes since I've decided to do my makeup 'properly' more often. I never realised how much they actually make the look complete.

The lashes I'm wearing on the picture above are the Martini ones. Those are my favourite lashes to date & they're from the Velvet Range here. I've got so many different styles from each one of Prima Lash's ranges stashed away in my makeup draw. Their prices start from as little as £3.59 - like, are you serious!? YES PLEASE! How can I resist!?

They're really good quality for their prices too. The only difference I find with the cheaper styles is that they come in less appealing packaging but what does that matter when the product is still brilliant? Of course the quality is slightly different from the other ranges but I've honestly never had an issue with them lasting. I've literally never not liked a pair that I've bought either, so if you look after them, you can most definitely re-use them multiple times too. I still have a pair of my Martini ones from months & months ago. I just always re-purchase as I like to keep a fresh set.

I'm going to list of my favourites from each of the categories on their website below so you can have a look at the variety of styles/prices they do. Not to mention, the delivery is ALWAYS super fast. I think every time I've ordered in the day, they've been despatched almost immediately & have always arrived the next day. (This is of course subject to what day/time you order, but in general, it's always next day - if you're in the UK anyway). Honestly really do love these lashes. Feel free to check out my suggestions below. Please note though that I tend to only like the longer styles due to having quite long eyelashes naturally anyway so they may not be to everyone's taste. However, there are SO many to choose from so I'm sure you'll find some perfect ones for you. Hope my best finds are useful to some of you - you guys always ask which lashes I'm wearing on my pics so unless stated already, it'll most likely be some from the list below :)

Professional Range
#118 - Here
#14 - Here
#143 - Here

Silk Range
#Lunar - Here

Express Range
#Crank - Here
#Goddess - Here
#Naughty - Here

Saturday, 7 October 2017

NARS | New Love

| Left to Right |
Luminous Weightless Foundation in Stromboli - Here | Cream Concealer in Custard - Here | Liquid Bronzer in Laguna - Here

Hey y'all! I honestly don't know what took me so long to try NARS, I guess it was my loyalty to MAC but I'll admit, I think NARS is my new love ♡

I've been using this for around a month now & I am seriously impressed with everything from the packaging, the shade & the over all finish of the products. The foundation is very liquidy, so I thought that it would just smear everywhere & constantly move (I'm usually someone who works with slightly thicker liquids or foundation sticks) but honestly I LOVE this! It blends so, so nicely & has a slight dewy finish. This foundation is probably best for people with normal - dry skin although it can easily be made matte if you set it with powder - I tend to wear it both dewy & matte depending on my mood.

The concealer definitely finishes more matte in comparison to the foundation, as you can probably tell from the difference in consistencies on the picture above on my hand. However, still is slightly dewy so I usually whack a bit of banana powder over the top of it to set it, especially under my eyes to stop any creases from forming. The coverage of both the foundation & concealer are great! Very build able too if you're looking for a more full coverage look - I tend to do this when I'm going out for the ultimate flawless finish! Which you can definitely achieve with these products.

I've not put the liquid bronzer to it's full test yet, I've only ever worn it on it's own for a quick bronze look. You know them days where you really cba with makeup but don't want to walk around looking like an extra from The Walking Dead? It is Halloween season now after all.... Haha! So I'll have to get back to you on how it works alongside foundation. I'm half wishing I would have just bought the powder Laguna Bronzer but the packaging of the liquid one sold it to me I'm a sucker for pretty packaging. Although, I have never really used a liquid bronzer so it will be interesting to test it out! :)

What is your favourite makeup brand? Or if you're a NARS lover like me now, which are your favourite products - I'm so down for trying out some more!

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The Fox Tan | Does It Work?

Click to buy The Fox Tan here

I was SO skeptical about this product when I saw the before and after pictures on The Fox Tan's Instagram here. But believe me when I tell you that it actually works! I originally bought this when I was living in Queensland, Australia last year. The priority delivery was super quick to AUS due to it being made there which was handy. However, I never really got chance to use it that much because the sun there was THAT hot, it was unbearable.. & for me to say that about the sun, defo means it was unbearable - I will usually lie there until the cows come home! haha!

Anyway.. Then I thought I was in luck to use it when I visited Thailand for another 2 weeks before heading home to the UK and of course, every time I smothered myself in it, it started to rain. I practically wasted it all praying there would be some sun - waa! Let's fast forward from March to August this year when I went to Turkey - Wahey! Some nice hot sun to test it out on. Only sad thing is, I barely had enough to last longer than a day. The only negative thing I have to say about this product is that you don't get that much of it :(

The picture at the top is my white lines after a couple hours in the sun. (Ignore my PJ top, I took this picture once I was home from holiday haha) Now, I used to tan so fast & have the best tan after not long but these days it really is a bit of a struggle! But, after a couple hours, that's the line I had so I was impressed! I purposely kept my bikini straps on so just so I could see whether it worked. I wish I had a full bottle of this for my holiday to really put it to the test because I really don't doubt that I could have better results if I used this every day.

However I've just received a new set of both the Tanning Elixer and Tanning Mist as you can also use this product on the sunbed as well as in direct sun. The delivery to the UK states 8-15 business days but I think I got this in around a week. Winner! Even more of a winner though, you can now purchase this from Pretty Little Thing here which means HELLO next day deliv!

The directions is to use them both hand in hand. The Fox Tan recommend to start using the Tanning Elixer a week prior to going in the sun/sunbed (as a moisturizer I'd assume) and then use the Tanning Mist just before going on the sunbed or once you're in the sun. This product has NO SPF in it so please apply some prior to protect your skin, however this does effect results slightly but still works. I used SPF before I used it & still was happy with my tan.

I would definitely recommend this product if you struggle to tan. Not only is it made up of all natural ingredients, it also smells DIVINE & has cute af packaging - always a plus in my eyes! ♡

Natural ingredients
Smells gorgeous
Vegan friendly

Not a lot of product for money

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